Special request

If you would like me to make a painting for you, please contact me without obligation to discuss your wishes and the possibilities. For instance, you can provide me with photos or I will come and make them myself. These can be photos of people or animals, but also of precious objects or things that have a symbolic meaning for you. I like to turn them into a special composition that is personal to you. I can support you in finding what you would like on a canvas or panel, because … the more personal, the more beautiful.

Contact us if you are curious about prices and possibilities or if you want to come by to view a painting. After all, a painting looks better in person than in a photo. You can make an appointment with me by filling in the contact form.

”Lidie created a beautiful, realistic portrait of my cat Lola. I recognise her character in the painting. She has also done a portrait of my partner and
myself following our wedding. The artwork vividly expresses our love. What really touched me is how Lidie, with creativity and
empathy, she brought both our relationship and her own free spirit together in the artwork. For Lidie, no challenge is too big!” Maartje Nollen.

”After I found a painting with a sea turtle at Lidie’s place, which gave a wonderful depth experience for me (I only see with one eye), I asked her to make a painting for me with the subject “something from the East Brabant landscape”. Lidie then contacted my children about what I would like, what would I enjoy most. She made a thorough analysis about who and what kind of person am (background, interests, character, taste, etc.). That careful approach produced something fantastic. Upon hanging the painting (80×120), my reaction was, “How could that be?
How could you know, in exactly such a setting, I walked there recently with my daughter and a sister of my recently deceased wife. During our courtship, we went there many times!”
It is not an exact representation of that place, yet the similarity in atmosphere and landscape is great. It is a testament to her meticulousness and personal involvement in carrying out a commission! Surely you must have many qualities and a great love for such works to come into being!” Jacques van der Palen.

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